Faith and the Big Bang Theory of Creation – Any Way You Slice it, Belief’s an Act of Faith

Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory  — Scientists have faith that a random and spontaneous Big Bang, followed by Nucleo-Synthesis in expanding dark matter coalesced to form the Universe over 4 billion years ago. Steady State Theory has recently been abandoned for an acceptance that a universal resonant frequency is the “echo” of the bang.

They have faith that in this rapid expansion of the universe, the Sun spontaneously ignited and held certain matter in its orbit. After closer examination they are now reporting that the universal temperature is a constant. They have now reduced the time for the formation of the universe and the elements to less than 3 minutes in order to compensate for the cooling affect over time.

Then they say several billion years later that the Planets randomly formed by meteor collisions that coalesced into solid spheres. We are then asked to have faith that one particular random coalescence led to the formation of the Earth and Moon at the exact distance from the Sun necessary to support organic life. Then they say that billions of years ago ice carrying comets struck the earth and deposited more minerals and nutrients to support the extraterrestrial amino and nucleic acids deposited by subsequent meteors.

Then the earth was almost completely covered by water. Some water was salty, and some water was fresh. Scientists have now discovered that at some time or another, every continent of the face of the earth was under salt water. So when the water recedes we are to have faith that lightning struck some rancid fresh water and the amino acids began to form single celled life;

And that those cells randomly evolved into a life form capable of climbing onto land and breath oxygen from evolved lungs; and then those organisms evolved into Dinosaurs; and then a random meteorite shower or an instantaneous global volcanic activity, or a disease, or all of the above destroyed the dinosaurs; and then the Earth was covered by salt water; again; then it receded; and then some lightning hit the new rancid fresh water; and new amino acids formed to make new life forms. And this completely new form of life of evolved to breath on land and that some of those life forms eventually walked upright and then one of those life forms built a rocket and traveled to the moon in search of new life forms.

Big Bang Theory

Faith and the Big Bang Theory of Creation - Any Way You Slice it, Belief's an Act of Faith

That’s faith. Faith is the position no matter which side of the argument one is on. The cumulative probability of each of these independent scientific evolutionary phenomena resulting in life is immeasurable. The probability that an Omniscient Spiritual Force created the universe is 50/50. It either happened or it did not. The concept that modern Humans evolved from simple microorganisms to form complex ideologies regarding their existence is in itself a mythology.

The advent of published evolutionary thought is assigned to the Greek philosopher Anaximander (610 – 546 B.C.). He is believed to be the first to hypothesize and publish that Humans evolved from aquatic life forms. The Chinese philosopher Chuang Tsu (≈ 350 B.C.) was first to publish the concept that life forms have the innate ability to transform and adapt to their surroundings.

Western Science does not discover “evolution” until 1858 when Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace race to publish Tsu’s 2,000-year-old theory. The case for evolutionary theory is limited. The concept that individual organic organisms exist in isolation is also evidence for divine creation, as it supposes that individual organisms were created for the conditions in which they were intended to exist.

The Evolution argument also lacks the sufficient transitional fossil evidence necessary to prove that aquatic organisms mutated into Humans. Every fossil is unique to its location and time. There are no fossilized remains to show a definite transition in any species. The debate for the creation of the universe is currently grounded in scientific theories and known observational “facts.” The Evolutionists believe that the universe exploded into existence. Creation Science claims the universe was spoken into existence.

Some phraseology of the Old Testament seems apocryphal, uncertain as to the non-obvious meanings or even credibility of the words, therefore, such biblical text has been subjected to much critical analyses during past centuries. Sometimes, as in the case above, only recent scientific discoveries have provided the essential understanding.

The above phrase in Genesis I, Day 2, for example, is generally interpreted as: “waters above” means rain water contained in clouds, whereas “waters below” means oceans, lakes and rivers. However, afterwards comes the perplexing realization that Earth had not yet been created, it was not yet in existence.

The mystery remained until 20th century Science, specifically Astronomy, acquired the knowledge of the “Oort Cloud” system, located high in the heavens, about halfway between the Neptune-Pluto orbits and the nearest star, light years distant. The Oort Cloud is composed of trillions of comets circling our Solar system, each containing billions of tons of ice – which is “water”.

A swirling, spherical cocoon of multi-millions of rock-ice objects, the Oort Cloud surrounds our entire solar system, extending from the limits of the outer planetary orbits to the nearest star, light-years distant. Measurement is by AU (AU = Astronomical Unit, the distance between the Sun and Earth – Pluto being 39 AU from our sun, the nearest star several thousand AU).

The densest concentration of Oort Cloud objects – composed of frozen water, ammonia, ethane and rock – is about mid-way between the limits of our solar system and the nearest star. The name, Oort Cloud, was given for astronomer Jan Oort, who theorized its existence in 1950, only seventy-odd years ago. While it has never been seen by direct satellite exploratory observation, the reality of the Oort Cloud has been completely validated by rigorous science.

Comets are formed when stars passing our solar system pull some Oort Cloud objects out of their orbits, to enter our inner planetary region. Often only a few miles in size, comets are oddly shaped lumps of ice and rock – if they approach the sun too closely, the nucleus begins evaporating, releasing gas and dust to form a coma, which can grow to millions of miles in length, visible from Earth – always pointing away from the sun due to “solar wind”. Comet orbit-times can vary from hundreds to thousands of years, and enter our solar system from all directions, often from as far away as 100,000 AU. The famous Halley’s Comet originated in the Oort Cloud.

Science, philosophy, psychiatry, physics, medicine, astronomy, and even mathematics, have all been striving to answer the big questions, of life, the universe, and mankind’s existence and origins.

Where did all this come from? Who made all this, if at all? Is there really a God? And if there is, who is he, and where is he? Is heaven a real place, and if so, what about hell? If God is real, then what does that mean for us?
Is there a divine plan for our lives? And if so, how do we go about finding out about it?

As science, philosophy, psychiatry, physics, medicine, astronomy and even, mathematics, and all of the various investigative professions, search for the origins, meanings, signs, and clues, to our life here on earth, and life out there in the greater universe: what are the findings and discoveries and those things on the cutting edge, in each of these fields of research, that if at all, point to a created universe; by a God of wisdom and understanding. Even in the lives of everyday people; those who have been touched by heaven or hell; whichever may be the case, and have lived to tell the tale. Can we find their testimonies; and if so, what can they tell us of their experiences…

Yes; we certainly can find testimonies of multitudes of people, who have had near death experiences.There are innumerable resources, in books written by these very people, and also a mass of information online, on the world wide web; if only we would take the time, or perhaps, find the time to look. One particular book, Life After Life, by Raymond Moody, and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross; first published in 1975; gives the accounts of over one hundred people; all of whom experienced death; the leaving of their physical bodies, and of going, and seeing over into the other side.

These accounts were all from real everyday people, and their stories in turn touched the lives of millions of people, who purchased this book, and made it a best seller. In the vast array of books, dealing with life after death experiences, testimonies are found, ranging from, children, housewives, professionals, varying nationalities, and faiths; from the poor, to the rich, and everyone else in between.

And from those who are inquisitive and who may have heard of, or had themselves an experience on the other side; whatever your upbringing or experiences in and of life, there is still today, in just about everyone, a deep desire and longing, to know the truth about not only this amazing experience we call life, but also to know more about all of our final destination, life after we die.

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