Planets And Their Spiritual Keynotes

Planets And Their Spiritual Keynotes

Astrology guides us in understanding the subtle influences of the planets upon our own Earth and the natural life upon it, including human.

In the past, the planets were accorded an Intelligence and given the name and status of a god. Science today explores the physical realities of the planetary bodies but without the link with their spiritual qualities and direct upon the human psyche, we are left deprived of deeper knowledge and purpose as to how they affect us in the invisible climate of our Solar System.

To assist us in renewing a sense of connection with the natural intelligence inhabiting the planets, astrology reminds us of the age old traditions and features verified by modern research.

The spiritual symbolism of the Sun is most obvious in its power, light, and energy. Our absolute dependence upon it permits its appropriate association with the Creator of all. It is seen as the perfect male representation as the giver of life and motivator of action. All concepts of the gods as natural powers, place the Sun God at the centre to represent the Universal Spirit, bestowing life, light and true intelligence upon mankind.

Planets And Their Spiritual Keynotes

The spiritual nature of the Moon is recognized in the guise of female qualities such as nurturing, protecting, and in the cyclic rhythms that support or reflect the qualities of the Sun but provide relief from its great intensity. It is aptly seen as the Mother of the Earth and all female and maternal powers in nature are directly associated. The Moon Goddess with her magnetic power is perhaps the oldest of the named female gods and as vital to our life perceptions and emotions as water is to our bodies.

Mercury is the planet associated with the old legends that identify it as the ‘messenger of the gods’ or the go-between heaven and earth. Correspondence is obvious in the substance we call mercury that rises and falls in our barometric instruments.

It also directly reflects the nature of the human mind that cannot be trapped into any form or solid state but must remain free to explore in our search for truth. Mercury reminds us of the magic of the mind and its creative employment but we must remain free of intellectual enmeshment in its fascination that can leave us imprisoned us within our own mind if we fail to keep a balance with our emotions.

Venus is the female expression of loveliness and pleasure in all things. Its influence inspires us to uplift our material aspirations towards beauty, love and harmony. Its magnetic force draws us towards the spiritual spheres where unity of all life is a reality if we are able to understand and advance beyond the mere physical expression of love and desire and return sex to its sacred role and generations would be conceived in love born in the heart, instead of the self satisfactions of the flesh.

Mars is the male force of chivalry and aggressive power that protects Venus and is willing to sacrifice for the preservation of the goodness of the world. The energies of Mars are often experienced in self assertion and warfare until employed for these higher aims in defence of the weak and the preservation of the noblest in human culture. Its electric force tests our self discipline in controlling our own anger or aggression so we are free to ignite our fires of spiritual aspiration that challenge wrong-doing and spark our spiritual courage.

Jupiter is the great expansive force that encourages us towards expression of the grandeur of everything, from our own personality to whatever we create or do in life. It reminds us of our soul’s capacity to magnify all virtues, constructive schemes and hasten our spiritual potential towards human perfection. Its generous benevolent qualities encourage our inner goodness, our sense of forgiveness, and our need to embrace the whole Universe in our hearts and minds. Jupiter bestows, along with Venus, much of our good fortune.

Saturn is the lord administrator of order, justice and practical fulfillment of the Divine evolutionary Spiritual Plan. It is the vehicle for metering spiritual justice through the Law we call Karmic Law. We try in human law to reflect what we understand of justice but often fail. Unless we accept that Divine Justice is real, and what issues from us returns to us, as our spiritual teachers tell, we will consider Saturn as the restrictor, rather than our stern teacher. It is therefore not often perceived as a personal, approachable god as it is generally known to us through our misfortunes.

Uranus is the far distant great planet and force that we are slowly understanding in our lives. It has unique attributes with energy that is both electric and magnetic often associated with the male-female aspects of the androgynous Absolute God – our Creator. Its greater focus in human life stimulates our higher mental energies and intuitive faculties that guide us from old outworn customs and ideas, into the changes that lead to a greater and better world and future for all mankind.

Neptune is the influence that has caused us great social problems in the last decades as it inclines people towards abstractions rather than practical or material concentration of thought. It serves us well by encouraging imagination, seership and psychic perceptions beyond the norm.

But it also tempts those who seek new sensations to enter the chaotic worlds and dangerous negative influences through artificial drug and alcohol stimulation. Through finding our inner centre of strength we avoid these weaknesses and are rewarded by new and deeper spiritual insights and safe experiences within the cosmic ocean of life.

Pluto remains our most distant planet. Astronomers have studied its existence as astrologers have sought to interpret its influence upon us since its discovery in the zodiacal sign of Cancer January 21, 1930. The first Report of Pluto was presented at the Astrological Congress of 1933 by Fritz Brunhubner.

Links with mythology and the god Pluto would seem to parallel the rulership of the planet over the subterranean worlds or inner earth, and the heavenly higher spheres. Astrological research shows its involvement in the lower stratas of criminality as in the spiritual qualities of sainthood. It is now accepted as an extremely strong energy and its use is best related to transformation, transmutation and the overcoming of what we call evil, en route to a more glorious development of the human being that, as yet, we can barely perceive.

There are those who find the evolution of heavenly bodies as much as fascinating as life on earth. Knowing that there are other celestial bodies existing out there in space to learn more about and to understand more about makes us feel that there is more to understand when we speak of the universe.

Back in the ancient times, those bright objects that we see in the sky are more often known to people as Gods like for instance the Sun the stars and even the brightest planet that we see at night Venus. These heavenly bodies were even worshiped before knowing that it will bring difference to their lives at some point. So probably those who have a lot more understanding about them are as well worshiped.

Nowadays, learning about astronomy evolved and thanks to our astronomers including the discovery of the first man who landed on the moon, we now have a better understanding of these celestial bodies present in space and we don’t have to treat them as if they are another part of our system but absolutely one with us.

More often we look for ways on how we will be able to get a closer look on these other planets, stars, waiting till a comet appears in time, or search for other fascinating things that we can see above the sky. Probably one of the astronomical tools you have at your very own backyard is a telescope.

This instrument is designed to observe objects afar and it ranges from various sizes. This tool functions with the use of electromagnetic radiation. However, if you really want to study heavenly bodies closely you might also want to consider another tool that can allow you to do so.

Because of technology nowadays you can now get access to an astronomy software that is capable of providing you the latest updates through the use of real time data as well as imagery which actually came from NASA. This just means more access to stars, planets, the life of these heavenly bodies, the planetary orbits and other astronomical information you want to get access to. Just imagine yourself as if you were flying into space and getting up close and personal with these heavenly bodies.

Now, you don’t have to dream to be an astronaut just so you can get access to various information about outer space. This time around you can even enjoy looking and learning more about our solar system at your own computer screen.

There are a lot of resources that you can make use of to discover more about the planet and beyond. Of course getting access to a tool that will allow you to get as close as you can get to a hundreds of thousands of stars as well as the planets in our solar system is one good investment. You can even make use of it as an educational tool for your children.

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